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Jack Welch is the former CEO and Chairman of General Electric (GE). During his 20 year leadership tenure between 1981 and 2001, the value of GE rose an incredible 4,000% to over $400 Billion. So how does such a legendary CEO approach their work each day?

In this video Jack explains how important it is to bring the right energy to the workplace - to not be down and negative before even turning up in the office. A sports coach leading a team wouldn’t do that, so why would a manager or leader do that? His suggestion is to look in the mirror each morning, check your energy and make sure you are in the right state to face the challenges the day will bring.

What I really appreciate about Jack’s advice is the way he describes being positive. He talks about this in terms of having a 'can-do' attitude rather than only seeing problems. He also highlights that success at work is about bringing the best out in people - encouraging them to bring solutions to the table and creating a culture of making things happen!

We can apply this to all aspects of our lives; not just our work, but also playing sports as well as time with friends and family - it doesn’t matter!! Do we really want to be a bore around anyone, especially those who are most important to us?

From personal experience, I know that it's definitely far easier said than done to maintain a positive outlook and upbeat energy, but it's so important and something that needs our constant attention every day. It takes work, but it's worth it. It can start simply by surrounding yourself with positive, upbuilding material like the Legends Report, an inspiring book or great music.

by James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Learning From Legends...

When do you find it hardest to maintain a positive, 'can-do' attitude? What have you found works for you to be in a better state when going to work in the morning?

Is it exercise? Listening to music or just getting up early and having plenty of time to get there?

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