China's Richest Man's Advice On Planning Your Career

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International 

Jack Ma is China’s richest man; a billionaire entrepreneur worth an estimated $21bn and the founder of the Alibaba Group - an operator of online and mobile marketplaces known as China's 'Amazon'. When he was asked by an audience of young people about how to approach their career, he shared some incredible insights on how to approach each phase of your life.

In this video Ma refers to decades in our lives, but essentially what he sets out is a sequential flow of career development that we can take up at any point in our life, as you will see his advice contains fundamental principles common to many many legends.

1. Be a Good Student - Starting off by being open and willing to learn gives you a solid foundation. Making mistakes, bouncing back and learning from them is part of this process.

2. Follow Someone - Your boss is more important than the company you join. Essentially, you need to find a mentor.

3. Work for Yourself - Although Ma is referring to becoming an entrepreneur, what he also implies is that you need to become independent in the way you work rather than being totally dependent on others for your career.

4. Focus On What You Do Best - You need to focus on your strengths because constantly changing from one opportunity to the next diminishes your rate of success.

5. Work for Young People - At some point of your career you should work on giving back to the next generation and investing in them as they can develop from your potential and do even better.

6. Invest Time In Yourself - Make sure you enjoy the fruits of your labour and take time to enjoy life.

At the end, Ma talks about his regrets of not spending enough time with his family, but he also advises that regret is something you need to let go of. Life is short and needs to be enjoyed...

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