Is Technology Controlling You - and Your Children?

By Sukh Singh
, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"How many on their deathbeds wished they’d spent more time at the office—or watching TV? The answer is, No one. They think about their loved ones, their families, and those they have served."

- Stephen R. Covey

You know that moment where you're waiting for a friend to turn up, or you've got a few minutes to spare? What do you do?

Reach for your phone to see what's going on or if there's anything interesting happening?

What did we do in those moments before smartphones were invented??

This TEDx Talk from Ben Halpert will stun you. The reality of how we have let technology take over to slowly turn our minds to mush is shocking. Yes, we may be getting smarter and more efficient, but are we getting any wiser, really?

Are We Getting Smarter Or Dumber?

As Mark Zuckerberg has recently stated, when the founders of Facebook created the social media platform, they only considered the positive aspects - and did not seriously consider the negative outcomes of having technology so widespread. The same is true for all of us.

As Mr Halpert points out, pornography is one of the most cancerous mediums warping the minds of millions of young men across the world, where the average starting age of watching porn is just 11 years old!!

What are we running away from? What are we doing to our children by absconding responsibility for their and our health and happiness?!

This isn't about getting away from technology - it's about getting back to being more human, having better relationships, reconnecting the family unit and you can start by addressing four critical areas of your health, starting today!

Four Ways To Regain Command Over Your Life!...

1. Take Care Of Your Body

More and more people are switching on to becoming healthier and more energised. Yet so many of us will neglect the fundamentals - eating too many sweets, getting less than minimal sleep, drinking hardly any water... ending up dehydrated, tired, with caffeine or sugar crashes.

What kind of physical state do you want to be in?

2. Enrich Your Mind

What dominates your mind more? Being busy with work and skimming through the headlines? Or maybe the latest Netflix series?

How often do you feel you've really enriched your mind, with wisdom, with truth, with powerful insights that elevate your mind to think more clearly?

How often do you give yourself the time to put everything down and just be still, let your mind unwind for a few minutes? Call it meditation, mindfulness or tuning in, your mind is like a computer. Keep it clean and turn it off once in a while...

What's going to enrich your mind?

3. Feed Your Heart

How diverse, rich, meaningful and uplifting are your relationships? We all know what it's like to have mates or colleagues where we put up with them, as opposed to developing friendships and partnerships that actually enrich us! As Stephen Covey says,

The social norm says: use relationships with others to forward your personal, selfish interests.

[But we have the opportunity to develop] deep, respectful listening and serving others brings greatest fulfilment and joy.

Who are the people you want in your life?

4. Reignite Your Human Spirit

All you have to do is take a look in your nearest city... how many people look alive, enthusiastic about their lives with a rich sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment?

Are we meant to sit in front of a computer, tablet or phone all day long? Or are we meant to use our technology, use our skills, our passions and gifts to enrich the lives of others? To open our eyes and serve our fellow human beings and our children?

What would ignite your human spirit to be utterly fulfilled in your life?

Bonus Video: What Generation Are We Really Living In?

(Skip to 3 minutes for an amazing reality check!)

Want To Apply This To Your Own Life? 

These are big questions and big changes we can make. They can seem daunting but there are small steps to take.

If you would value speaking to one of the Legends Report team about how you can start making practical changes in these 4 areas, just enter your email address below or contact us on live chat here...

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