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By Ivy Kuo, Legends Report Writer

How many of us feel overwhelmed with guilt upon reading news about rural villages devastated by natural disasters or commercials of starving children? But how many of us have actually decided to create change and improve a stranger’s life? This young toddler, Julianna, did.

Julianna is the daughter of beauty guru and daily vlogger on YouTube Judy Travis, a top social media influencer with more than 4 million followers. Moreover, she and her husband, Benji Travis, are known for their giving spirit and history of philanthropic efforts.

Each December, the couple, and parents of 3 girls, hosts a 24-hour live fundraising broadcast called “Dancember,” which raises money for various charities across the globe. During December 2015, they raised over $224,000 to help feed children in 10 countries through the charity Convoy of Hope.

As a Filipino-American, Judy chose to travel to the Philippines in August of 2016 with Convoy of Hope, to see in person the effects of her successful fundraiser.  Upon returning home, she showed the footage of impoverished children to her toddler, Julianna. Check out her reaction below...

Julianna’s reaction was extremely touching. Upon seeing children who didn’t have enough food, the little girl started crying. Julianna immediately led her mother into her bedroom and pulled out all her clothing drawers. Looking up at her mother with a determined stance, Julianna declared, "I’m going to give them all of that.” As Judy dissolved into tears, mother and daughter shared a tender embrace.

The most heart-warming part of this video isn’t just Julianna’s empathetic reaction to seeing other children in need of help, but her decision to give help. We often forget the nuanced emotions children - and all of us - are capable of, and thus, we forget their (and our) potential to incite change.

Julianna's selfless actions remind us all to not feel helpless in the face of drastic events, but to continue to ask ourselves, “What can I do to help this person in need? What solutions can I come up with a problem?” If everyone acted as empathetically as this young toddler, global issues of poverty and malnutrition wouldn’t seem so impossible to tackle...

Acting on our emotions can often be one of the hardest things to do...where do we start? What's the best use of my time? This is why getting some guidance to figure out what you can do, can be incredibly valuable. 95% of people will watch this video and feel how amazing it is yet not do anything about it. If you want to be in the 5% that do, feel free to get in touch with one of the team via email here...

And if you want some more inspiration on taking action, here's a powerful story of a young girl who had cancer, but decided to help other kids in her hospital instead of focusing on her problems.


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