Steve Jobs - Why Having a Vision Is So Important 

"Without a Vision The People Perish"

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By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Steve Jobs was known for his passionate vision... and also how ruthless he could be when it came to people who weren't on board with that - as you'll see in a clip from the movie Jobs below. Although when we start to understand the role our vision plays in creating something, we can start to understand why...

There will always be those who say that if something hasn't been created yet - it isn't possible, can't be done or needs to be less ambitious. Think of the aeroplane, the mobile telephone, the internet! Before any of these were created most people probably wouldn't have believed they were possible, and if we'd just left things at that, we wouldn't have gotten very far as a species! 😉 That's why vision is so important. It's also why visionary people - become our leaders and pioneers.

Vision is the ability to see something long before it's been made real! It's our blueprint for bringing something that doesn't physically exist yet into being. In fact, everything you see around you today that was made by humans, had to first be conceived within somebody's heart, mind and imagination. The more vivid and inspiring a vision is, the more compelled we will feel to create it; however the most powerful form of vision is a collective one!

A truly compelling vision is what drives the highest levels of excellence and success in any field, because of the passionate desire it gives people for bringing that vision to life. So if you want to lead or be part of creating something great - something life or even world-changing ... work on and develop your vision first and foremost, then go out and find those who can build and share that with you.

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