How One Beauty Entrepreneur On YouTube Is Building Schools For Students In Need


By Ivy Kuo, Legends Report Contributor

How many of us have complained about the endless pile of reading and exams while we attended school, or grumbled about our hectic work schedules in our jobs? Is it not a part of our culture to bond with peers over our shared dissatisfaction from our workloads? 🙂 But how often do we stop and think about how privileged we are to be able to read and write, have the opportunity to gain an education, and thus hold a steady career? Miss Lindy Tsang, with her recent efforts of building schools in unprivileged countries, reminds us below just how precious our literacy skills and education are; because not everyone is fortunate to have them.

Lindy Tsang is a 29-year old Chinese-Northern Irish beauty entrepreneur who started her YouTube channel at 21 years old, as a means to escape the drudgery of her everyday life. On her channel, she found a supportive community who she continued to inspire for the next decade of her life, through makeup tutorials and “girl talk” videos.

Miss Tsang’s life has radically changed since then, and consequently, her YouTube channel shifted away from cosmetics and towards female empowerment and inspiring younger girls. With a bubbly personality and constant words of wisdom and kindness, it’s no wonder nearly 3 million of Miss Tsang’s subscribers look up to her.

Miss Tsang said in a YouTube video released last week;

“We all know how a simple lipstick can make us seem more bolder and empowered, but at the same time, I always knew that there is more to life than what’s on the surface.”

A few years ago, Lindy moved to Hong Kong to start her BubzBeauty apparel line; and in 2015, her love of fashion led her to design t-shirts sold exclusively for the purpose of fundraising for Pencils of Promise, a global education nonprofit enterprise -  that builds schools in underprivileged areas. Their collaboration was incredibly successful, raising $50,000 to build 2 fully-operational schools in Laos serving over 200 children.

“You guys will be the reason that more schools will be built. Let’s keep building guys, let’s keep building people! Let’s show hope to people who don’t know what hope looks like. If you want love, you got to give it out, and it multiplies and comes back to you.

This year, Miss Tsang is celebrating her 9-year YouTube anniversary by setting a goal of raising $105,000 for 3 schools in Ghana, Africa. Miss Tsang has designed another custom graphic t-shirt and has partnered up with BH Cosmetics to donate her $2 of every purchase of her custom eyeshadow palette that she created.

“So, so many of us take our education for granted. We complain about having to wake up early, we complain about our commute to school, our classes being boring; when in reality, so many kids in this world would do anything to be able to read and write.”

As a university student, I was especially moved when Miss Tsang said these words. Too often have I taken my own education for granted and bemoaned about hectic exams and excessive reading. Indeed, how often have I reflected on how fortunate I am to be born into a family that will do anything for me to obtain my education? Not enough. But Miss Tsang has reminded me to shift my mindset and realise the value of my degree and utilise it ...  in order to benefit others who have not had the same privileges.

“Even in areas of extreme poverty, I’ve never seen children’s faces beam so much joy. I can tell you that each and every single one of them are so proud to be in school.”

Please watch the video below to help understand Miss Tsang’s vision of building more schools for children, You can also donate to the cause by clicking here.

If you enjoyed this video from Miss Tang, be sure to check out this awesome video from coach Tony Robbins, on how he practices gratitude each day, by focusing on the little things. 

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