Human Spirit Vs. Cancer

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By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

"It doesn't cost you anything to be a decent human being!" ~ Quincy Jones

Quicy Jones is an American comedian who was given a year to live by his doctor because of cancer... Well, for a man like Quincy, that's just not something he's willing to buy into and he's decided he ain't giving up without a fight. So, in true comedian style and with great human spirit he's facing his diagnosis head on with immense positivity and humour. It's something he's since used to boost his career (HBO are doing a 1 hour comedy special about him because of his attitude) and he's using his exposure to inspire as many other people who might be in a similar situation as possible. As he says in the video,  "cancer changes your perspective on things". That doesn't mean it comes without it's challenges though, he's doing this one day at a time and it's taken him 'baby steps' to get through chemo to where he is now. You won't believe it to see him in this clip, but it's had a great physical, mental and emotional toll that's really broken him down, but listen to his response...

"When you get broken down it's beautiful, because then you get to rebuild yourself!" ~ Quincy Jones

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