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Mentorship. If you've not experienced it, you may associate it with people in sports or business and the picture of a much older person taking an enthusiastic youngster under their wing and 'teaching them the ropes'.

The reality is that mentorship is so much more. It is a nurturing relationship that works both ways and draws on the experience, care and empathy of both involved in order to learn life's lessons and grow much more as a person. It's not an age thing, in fact, people often have mentors who are much younger than them.

Here's a great video featuring some real-life mentors and mentees explaining the benefits mentorship can have. While this is focused on helping kids, the same principles apply to anyone, in any situation and at any age... Even Richard Branson proudly states he always has several mentors, even as a billionaire in his 60's!

Discover how mentoring and coaching with us at Lighthouse International can help you make rapid progress in your life, career or business here...

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