Redefining What Happiness and Success Means To Us...

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By Ivy Kuo, Legends Report Writer

We live in a world where the generic definition of success lies in a stable career, a happy family unit, and a large house and fancy car. But should we not question our mental and emotional health, our satisfaction from our job, and the fullness we derive from life itself? What does happiness truly mean, and how does it tie in with 'superficial' success? In this short video, motivational speaker and lifestyle blogger Jay Shetty delivers an eloquent spoken word poem on his musings about success and happiness.

In just three minutes, Mr. Shetty redefines what success means to humans. Carving away the binding boundaries of corporate ladders and career growth, he helps us see each other as “human beings” instead of “human doings.”

“Somewhere along the line, our definition of success became blurred, it became about money. And it's funny how the desire of power and wealth increase the speed at which we believe we need to work."


If you valued this video, here's an amazing video from Billionaire Warren Buffet, on why a big bank account does not equal success.

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