Inside Out - The Pixar Movie Goes Inside Your Mind!

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by Jairaj Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

We don't tend to look at just any new movie release, but we had to bring this one to your attention! It's Pixar's new movie Inside Out taking us on a revealing journey of what goes on inside our heads to understand the thoughts and emotions that drive us. It's something Jennifer Aniston, Benedict CumberpatchOprah Winfrey and many more legends appreciate the absolute importance of.

Oscar-winning director Pete Docter (who also directed Monsters Inc. and Up) said the idea came from wanting to know what was going on in his daughter's head! The film takes us inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl Riley, who moves to San Francisco with her family for her dad's new job. The 5 main characters are represented as Riley's emotions: Fear, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and the main character Joy...

It's fantastic to see a mainstream movie showing something we're just not taught in schools; that it's absolutely fundamental to have an understanding of the thoughts and emotions that drive us. Why? Because when challenging things happen in our lives it can trigger emotions like fear and anger which we struggle to deal with. Legends experience these emotions too but are generally far better able to deal with them and turn them into more positive, upbuilding emotions. A true legend can appreciate even the most difficult of circumstance and turn it into an opportunity, just look at Soichiro Honda, Will Smith or Nick Faldo as examples.

There will always be challenges on the road to success so it's essential to learn to recognise when fear or anger or any negative emotion is driving us and turn it around to focus on what we want.

Enjoy the trailer below...

Here's Pixar Co-Founder John Lasseter talking about the film at the Cannes Film Festival...

Learning From Legends...

1. In what situations do you feel the most fear and anger come up?

2. In what situations do you feel the most joy?

Inside out screenshot courtesy of Movieclips @ Youtube

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