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By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"When I was 5 years old, my parents died. I raised myself."

- Gasper Marcos

How would you describe your average day? Do you ever feel like you sometimes procrastinate or get distracted, or feel like you lack direction in where your life is going? We are all trying to improve our lives bit by bit... but what if we were capable of so much more? What if we could be squeezing every drop out of the day to achieve something amazing?

Below is a story that you might have heard about - it's a humbling, inspiring and moving story of one young immigrant who lives in the USA. It is the story of millions of men, women and young children all across the world who are trying their hardest to create a better life, while so many of us live lives of relative luxury.

The film was created by the L.A. Times and has inspired so many people it's been shared well over 10 million times! When I watched this I was so inspired by Gasper to know that I could do so much more, knowing how hard he is working, while also knowing that I want to be part of creating a world that can provide more opportunities for good, decent people like him...

Once you've watched that, be sure to check out this heartwarming clip of Gasper thanking everyone who has offered to support him in some way.

If you valued this amazing video, be sure to check out the powerful story of courage and sacrifice behind the song 'Amazing Grace'...

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