If You've Ever Doubted Yourself...

A Dose of Inspiration To Get Your Day Going..

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Ever had those days where you've been trying hard, working hard and you just feel like it's not good enough? Like you're hitting against a brick wall? Check this out, from motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

One of the biggest reasons we lose heart is because our focus and our energy gets lost on the outside. We're worrying about other people, what they think and what they'll say. We're worried about the bills and the next month and the next month, instead of looking right under our nose and saying, what can I do right now? What if there's more to me than I can see?

That is the benefit of having a mentor; someone who can see more of your potential, your skills, your talent, your earning capability, your value and your passion than you can see.

Wait! There's More...

If you doubt what you're capable of, here's a fantastic insight into why so many billionaires never even graduated from university!


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