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Humbling Responses From People of Manchester

By Daniel Schmitz,  Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Following the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, it was a wonderful sign of humanity to see how people have responded with compassion, empathy and offered to help in various ways. The ordinary people of Manchester decided not to let fear overtake their lives and to set about showing as much love and support for each other through having a joyous night of music and dancing. Tragic events like this show us the importance of living values of kindness and compassion to be there for each other in the good times and in the bad...

Here are some tweets of the acts of kindness from people who offered their help:

Here are some more inspiring responses to the Manchester attacks...

Eric Cantona's Emotional Tribute To The People of Manchester After The Attack

By Jairaj Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Manchester United football legend Eric Cantona paid tribute last night to the victims and people of the city he called his home for many years. In an emotional and heartfelt message to the people and the city, he expressed his sorrow and regret over the tragic attacks on many young children and adults. While there has been a moving outpouring of support from many corners of the globe, Mr Cantona is perhaps better placed than most having made Manchester such a big part of his life:

Click here to read more about the support that has come from legends and ordinary people across the globe for the Manchester attacks, and also what we can do about them...

Family Tribute To Sir Roger Moore

By Jairaj Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Sadly we lost a true legend this week in actor Sir Roger Moore who died after a short battle with cancer aged 89. His portrayal of James Bond is perhaps what he will be most remembered for, however, many may not know that his work with children's charity Unicef was actually what he was most proud of. His family gave a moving tribute to Sir Roger in a statement:

"We know our own love and admiration will be magnified many times over, across the world, by people who knew him for his films, his television shows and his passionate work for Unicef, which he considered to be his greatest achievement.

The affection our father felt whenever he walked on to a stage or in front of a camera buoyed him hugely and kept him busy working into his 90th year, through to his last appearance in November 2016 on stage at London's Royal Festival Hall. The capacity crowd cheered him on and off stage, shaking the very foundations of the building just a short distance from where he was born."

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