How Would Branson Develop Entrepreneurs at University?

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

With more than 400,000 students due to start university this year and no guarantee that a degree will land them a dream job, I came across an interesting blog post by Richard Branson (see link below) about how he feels higher education could be changed to develop more entrepreneurs...

On Being Mentored

As Branson said in a recent tweet, it’s really hard to get started on your own and ambitious students can’t do it by themselves, so he advocates that university professors in business departments should support entrepreneurial talent more.

On Building Networks

Branson sees university as a great opportunity to make connections with new people who share similar passions and could become life-long friends and even business partners. Legends like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elizabeth Holmes did just this and didn’t even need the full term at university to find the right people and necessary resources to start to build billion dollar companies!

Here’s Branson’s blog post, feel free to share what you think about his suggestions in the comments section below.

What do you think about Branson’s ideas to change higher education to develop entrepreneurs?

Richard Branson image courtesy of UNClimateChange @ Flickr