How Will New Technologies & People Co-Exist? | Elon Musk Shares More Details About The Falcon Heavy | And Finally, A Surfer's Paradise

What will the future hold? We examine the changing future of how AI, automation and the circular economy will affect jobs and people's self-worth, while SpaceX works on launching their biggest rocket yet. Then, we hit the beach for the weekend!

How Will New Technologies & People Co-Exist?

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

There has always been a question over job security, ever since any form of technological automation began. However now, Peter Diamandis, the founder of X-Prize (a company that sets big global challenges for teams of engineers and scientists to solve) has spoken up about the rate at which technology is advancing and what the potential risks are. In his blog he writes;

"Over the next 20 to 30 years, I believe that our most pressing challenges will be driven by AI and robotics. Not in the style of the Terminator, though. Instead, my concern comes from the potential for significant technological unemployment."

He goes on to put this into context;

"McKinsey & Co. predicts that 45% of jobs today will be automated out of existence in only 20 years. While we’ve seen this magnitude of change in the past – America went from a land of 84% farmers in 1810 to under 2% today – what worries me is actually the speed of the coming change."

Advancements in automation and technology are not the only issues to be aware of in the near future. How we make things is as much of an issue being expressed this week as who or what will make them, as this tweet from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation shows;

The circular economy is based on producing things in a way that makes them more easily recycled at the end of their life and automation will change the working environment massively. What both of these legends are explaining is the need to have a clear and focused view or 'vision' as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation put it, for what future we want to live in. Mr Diamandis in his blog, explains that;

"Humans don’t like having nothing to do. We love challenges, and have a deep need for significance and contribution." 

How will the future combine the need to redesign our products, services and infrastructure to be more ecologically sound, while also harnessing the benefits of new technologies without people losing their sense of self-worth? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

As the late Dr Stephen R. Covey once said;

"There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles."

As the world changes due to new improvements and environmental issues, we need to exercise our ability to choose, based on that which doesn't change - natural principles.

To read the blog by Peter Diamandis, follow this link.

For help in understanding and learning about natural principles, get in touch here for a brief chat!

Elon Musk Shares More Details About The Falcon Heavy

The Falcon Heavy (FH) is a rocket that is designed to lift around 30 tonnes to low earth orbit (roughly where the International Space Station orbits) and about 26 tonnes to a parking orbit, from where a space craft could leave Earth!

It is about 2/3 as powerful as the Atlas 5 rocket that took men to the moon and SpaceX is planning to launch the first one - in November!

The launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket - which is about 3 times the size of their next launch on Monday - will be a big step towards the ultimate vision Mr Musk has of landing people on Mars. In order for any project to be completed, having a clear vision is essential and taking clear steps towards that dream is needed.

For more from Elon Musk on How To Solve Any Problem, click here!

And Finally, A Surfers Paradise!

After a hard week working out what the future may hold, it's time to catch some waves the easy way!

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