How These 4 Hollywood Couples Survive The Trials & Tribulations of Age Gap Marriages

By Diana Orfani, Legends Report Writer

Celebrity couples who inspire relationship goals with their age gap marriages.

Relationships are complex and entail a lot of effort to keep them going, and this applies even more so in intimate, ‘true love’ romances and marriages. Romantic relationships are known to be exceptionally sweet and tender but the myths society sells us on are that you don’t need to work at them. It can be especially controversial and problematic when there are big age differences between partners as far as society is concerned.

While we are normally concerned with finding our ideal companion – usually someone from a similar age group – in the ‘Hollywood’ world, celebrities infamously often find their ‘soulmate’ or greatest love in people who are decades older or a couple of generations younger.

Despite the social stigmas, a few studies have suggested that couples who have been in an age gap relationship are found to be happy and at ease with their spouses.

The concept of being in a relationship with a huge age gap is generally perceived as a big taboo and we do seem to see some of the well-established celebrities and their age gap marriages being short-lived - giving society further ammunition. However, a fine range of the most celebrated couples have effectively re-booted and represented modern celebrity marriages as a positive and possible unity.

There is a lot we can learn from them with their love and dedication for one another, it's self-evident that love and togetherness are not restricted to age and can truly be genuine. What matters is a dedication to the fundamentals of why relationships work which we will explore in this article...

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