How Space X Creates a High Trust Environment With It's Clients

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Have you ever done something for someone and made a mistake that has cost them money, time and effort? Perhaps you went shopping for their lunch and bought the wrong thing?

Now imagine you are a rocket company launching satellites, you have a customer trusting you and your last launch attempt blew up on the launch pad! How would you feel? How would you build trust again with your client?

At the scale of 'lunch', then a mistake made in the choice of a sandwich can be forgiven and overlooked quickly, but when each satellite costs $45.5 million and you are launching 10 at once the stakes are a little higher! The principle however is exactly the same;

“We’ve been privy to the thinking and the analysis and the data involved at a very deep level,”

Said Matt Desch, the CEO of Iridium, a mobile communication company that is replacing it's aging fleet of 66 satellites. What he is saying is that he has been kept in the loop with the investigation into the explosion that has grounded Space X for last few months. This open communication between each person involved has built trust between the two companies, which is why he;

"...feel[s] very confident that the issue that was found won’t be repeated for our launch."

This article from The Washington Post explains more about what is riding on the next Space X launch.

For a re-cap of what happend at the beginning of September this year and an explaination of why Space X has been grounded, this video by Scott Manley will be explanatory.

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