How Paul Jubb Went From Losing His Parents To Wimbledon Wildcard...

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By Anthony Church, Legends Report Writer

British-born tennis player Paul Jubb, 19, took to the Wimbledon court last Tuesday losing in the first round to Joao Sousa, who then subsequently lost to Rafael Nadal. However, the story of this 19-year-old's journey to the most famous courts in tennis is an inspiring and humble one...

As a college player at the University of South Carolina in the US, he was not eligible to receive prize money as he was a student and so was entered as a wild card. However, instead of expressing disappointment at his failure to progress to the following rounds and pick up his prize money, he showed great determination in expressing that he will be doing all he can to turn professional and compete at a high level.

He clearly feels a sense of duty to those who have helped him, saying this week:

“A big thing for me is just making the people who have helped me along the way proud.”

His determination is all the more incredible due to the challenges he faced in his early life. Paul Jubb lost both his parents and was orphaned at a few years old and brought up by his grandmother in Hull, England where he was spotted by his coach at an after-school club.

He doesn’t speak about his parents, other than: “My parents are not with me any more. I think that is basically where I draw my line. That’s all that needs to be said.” He honours their memory with a tattoo of their names on his left side.

He is yet another example, of a potential legend who has come from a place which many do not expect amongst the traditionally middle to upper-class sport of tennis.

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