How Novak Djokovic's Son Inspired Him To Return To Winning Ways!

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Novak Djokovic begins with the end in mind as he cites his son as inspiration for winning Wimbledon 2018.

Novak Djokovic has won Wimbledon for the fourth time in 2018 after several years of struggling to gain form after an elbow injury and many personal troubles. He came into the tournament seeded outside the top 20 players and it has been several years since his last Wimbledon win. In this article, we explore the motivation his son gave him to return to form as well as his love for the game and this tournament.

Always Keep The Dream Alive In Your Heart And Mind 

After some very turbulent years, Novak Djokovic shared how he had always dreamed of winning Wimbledon as a child. Indeed it was this emotion that drove him to continue to motivate himself after his injury:

"The last couple of years haven’t been easy. I had elbow surgery and was absent from the tour for six months. But there was no better place to make my comeback. This is a sacred place for tennis. I always dreamed of holding this trophy when I was a young boy. I even used to make a lot of improvised Wimbledon trophies from different materials.”

The Importance of Detailed Visualisation

Like a lot of top sportsmen, Novak Djokovic visualised in detail what he wanted to achieve. In particular, he now had a son since his last Wimbledon win. He revealed how he used this as inspiration:

“It feels amazing because for the first time in my life I have someone screaming ‘daddy, daddy’ and it’s a little boy right there. I didn’t talk about it, but it was one of – if not the biggest – motivation I’ve had for this Wimbledon this year. I was visualising, imagining this moment of him coming to the stands, cherishing this moment with my wife and me and everyone. It’s hard to describe. It is a moment that I will carry inside of my heart forever.”


He Didn't Give Up During The Hard Times 

As most of us know, the journey to success is often not easy. The key is to persevere when things get tough and know you can overcome the challenges along the way:

“There were several moments where I was frustrated and questioning whether I could get back on [the] desired level or not. There were turbulences – as well as moments of doubt, disappointment, frustration and anger. But it’s usually in a struggle that you get to know yourself. And get to have an opportunity to rise like a phoenix and evolve and get better.”

As Mr Djokovic has showed, even the greats will rarely have an easy road, even when they reach the pinnacle of what they do. Like most of us, they have stresses, worries, frustrations and challenges. The difference is they rise to those challenges and find a way to achieve what they want, despite the odds! They apply the fundamental principles of being proactive and being driven by a clear and inspiring vision. To read more on this story click here...

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