How Entrepreneur Jack Petchey Inspired Me to Succeed...

By Lewis Dunn, Legends Report Contributor

Multi-millionaire and philanthropist Mr Jack Petchey was knighted in December last year for his services to young people in East London and Essex. Our young Legends Report contributor Lewis Dunn, aged 15 is a Jack Petchey Young achiever and Speak Out winner. He produced this article for the Legends Report to express his appreciation for Mr Petchey’s example...  

 Lewis being presented with a Jack Petchey Foundation Award in X 2015

Lewis Dunn being presented with a Jack Petchey Foundation Award in 2015

"As a Jack Petchey Young achiever and Speak Out competitor, I have received a slice of the annual £7 million contribution he makes towards supporting young people because of my ‘outstanding achievement in academics and progress in basketball'.

Looking at Mr Petchey’s example and wanting to support others, the investment helped me and my school basketball team benefit together. I was provided with an incentive of money which helped guide me to strive toward success. However what if I wasn’t rewarded £200 at the end of it? Would I still have worked as hard as I did?

Did I only care about the money? Or did I focus on the priceless experience of working hard to be a success which I hold onto to this day?

Jack Petchey has taught me the value of striving to succeed and always trying to have a positive influence on the people around me. I take this approach onto the basketball court, in the classroom, workplace, my home and the streets.

I have learnt that everyone has the opportunity to inspire, motivate and achieve, but they just need a spark. Whether it be a spark of energy, a word of encouragement or the incentive of money. I believe once you have experienced success, it will ignite a fire for more and only then you will realize your true potential and the goal – whatever it was, becomes less important than the joy of the process and you are more likely to achieve it too!

"In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later."

- Harold S Geneen. 

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is also a process which has many factors such as attitude, resources and effort. Jack Petchey is a legend because he worked hard to go from zero to the hero of thousands of young people across the UK. I’m sure when he left school, he never would’ve imagined being in a position to inspire and change the lives of so many people, however he had a vision and worked hard to achieve greatness. What is your vision? How many people do you want to influence through your actions?"

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