How Do You Choose Where to Go Next in Your Career?

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By Adam Wallis, Senior Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

If you're in a place right now where you're considering a career change or getting a new job, it is a great place to be in! While you may feel daunted because of the uncertainty of where to go, you finally have an opportunity to take more control over the direction of your life like never before...!

It is also a time to be responsible, not to just go for anything that comes your way. This is because the decisions you make now will literally affect the rest of your life. So let's make sure we are preparing ourselves in the best way to get the right job, one that will help us create the lives we wish to build. Don't just go for any job, position or promotion that comes your way. Ensure you take the time to weigh up not just what is good for you, but what is the best for you.... and if you need support to work that out then get in touch - we'd love to help!! 🙂

In the meantime, I'd like to share some powerful insights and questions with you that will guide you in making better decisions and leave you with a few questions to go away and ponder.


What to Consider When Making a Career Move?

The reality is that most jobs we've had and most jobs out there aren't ones that fulfil us. They aren't ones in which we feel inspired, or valued as a part of the team, instead we may just feel like another cog in the machine. So in your next phase of life let's make sure we change that! If we’re going to be spending half of our waking hours in a job, let's make sure it is worth it, right? Let's make sure it is one that inspires a greater sense of meaning, purpose, connection and fulfilment. This means doing a job where you feel excited to go to work on a Monday morning rather than enduring the week just to make it through to Friday night.

 One thing I'd like to share - to give you something to consider in your search for a new job, position or career change - is what is defined as an optimal or 'peak' experience. If you look back at the greatest moments in your life so far I can guarantee you that they would have comprised of the following 4 elements:

1 - It felt good – When you did it you felt good; a sense of joy, happiness and enthusiasm.

2 - It was good for you – It actually was good for you, not just that it felt good. There are many things in life that feel good, but actually aren’t good for you. So something that is good for you could be something that challenges you to learn and to grow. This means something that inspires you, that gets you out of your comfort zone.

3 - It was good for others – This was a key one; where you find yourself helping others. Too often we step into jobs just looking at what we can get. The most successful people are devoted to how they can help others and through doing so, also achieve their own goals. So this one is ensuring you’re doing something that helps others, even in the smallest of ways. You’ll find it brings the best out in you, even if it may be challenging or scary at times.

4 - It was good for the greater good – This meant you could see the wider impact of your actions. Doing a job making money and giving you what you want, but knowing the organisation is invested in immoral practices for people or the environment won’t fill you with joy, trust me! The greatest moments we have in our lives are the ones for a bigger cause, for a bigger purpose, knowing in some way it is progressive for society.

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So, if you're going to progress your career in a way that will help you to build your life, then considering moves that will incorporate the 4 elements above is essential. What we are talking about here is building it in a way which gives you more freedom, in a way that brings out more of your interests, passions and talents or indeed helps you discover them.


What Powerful Questions Could You Ask Yourself?

 What are some of the powerful questions that can kick-start your reflections that will help you explore career possibilities that are more aligned with who you are?

I would suggest pondering over the following questions. This is something I've used to help me feel more inspired and driven in progressing my life and I hope they are for you too.

So, now for the questions:

    1 - What are you passionate about? 

I know for some of us that is like the ‘Holy Grail’ of all questions! Your immediate thoughts may be, ‘If only I could actually figure that out’. What to look for here is those little things that excite you, that get you enthusiastic – it could be going somewhere new, or putting a smile on someone’s face.

    2 - What really inspires you?

Perhaps it is progress, like when you hear of great breakthroughs in society or business, it could also be seeing other people happy?

    3 - What really touches or moves you?

Perhaps it is certain moments in films, or when you see a child giving so freely, or when you see someone else believe in themselves.

Even if you don’t feel these things often, it doesn’t matter, search through times in your life when you have felt these things, even if it was only briefly. The answer to these questions will help you make better decisions as to what career moves are the right ones for you. If you need any help in exploring these questions then please do feel free to get in touch.


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