Is Climate Change Beyond The Point Of No Return?

By Anthony Church, Legends Report Writer

No doubt you may have heard about and experienced the moves by the retail industry to cut down on plastic bags, reusable cups and, more recently, cafe’s bringing in paper straws. You may have thought as I did, that at least this is a small but significant step of about 1% to reversing climate change. We need to change our behaviour and these little things when done by enough of us will make a difference…

However, you and I would be wrong- as the climate change situation is now so complex that the only way to stop the effects of it are drastic changes by industry and governments. At Lighthouse International we recognise the difference individuals can make when we take the right approach to improve ourselves and our attitudes to how we live. We are an essential part of the solution with people taking action to influence each other, our families, our communities and in turn business and government.

Professor Stephen Emmott, creator of the hard-hitting documentary Ten Billion, began a global research project into climate change ten years ago. Climate change isn’t just about coal, oil and gas, but also about our consumption rate of water and food which impacts the earth’s resources. The biggest problem, as he says...IS US! 

There are over 7 billion of us on the planet right now and we have created and exacerbated the global problems which have led to this emergency. Only 50 years ago there were just 3 billion of us. We have grown as a result of mass food production and huge, unprecedented land use.

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