How Berry Gordy Got The Motown Superstars To Work Together!

By Sukh Singh Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach Lighthouse International

How do you bring legends like Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes - and their personal pride - together to collaborate to build one of the greatest record labels of all time?

That was the job that Berry Gordy had, who founded Motown Records.

In the video below, you'll get an amazing insight into how the meetings were conducted...


Put Personal Agendas Aside

Mr Gordy intrinsically understood the principle of fairness; that if people don't have a 'win-win' mentality - if they're just trying to preserve their own egos - then everyone will end up losing, and competition will take over.

However, if people are coming together and they genuinely want the best for each other, for the overall aim of the company, then there is a much greater chance of success. Berry Gordy set this from the beginning, that love and logic, not agendas, would prevail.

Bringing good people together to work, create and collaborate is one of the most challenging elements in any organisation. It is what separates good organisations from great ones - how well do the people who work in them genuinely get along and how hungry are they to work together?

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