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How Alicia Keys Built Her Self-Confidence

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

"The words we speak, the things we say...you're building your road with those words" - Alicia Keys

In 2013, the Legends Report team conducted a survey with over 3,000 people about progressing their personal & professional lives. Over 70% said that they wanted to be more confident, either at work or in their personal life. One thing that many legends have is self-confidence, whereby they are able to make clear decisions, build incredible projects, exceed their expectations and handle adversity calmly - but how? Today we're going to learn from modern musician Alicia Keys...

What Are You Saying?

Many legends speak about the need to create certainty, the drive to commit and not hold back. One of the most powerful habits that affects our confidence is the way we speak - not only with our words, but the way we speak to ourselves. Check out this video of Alicia Keys sharing how she has learned to completely change core parts of her vocabulary...


"When", Not "If"

There is a massive difference between saying "when I do this" and "if I do this". The one is a certainty, the other may not actually happen! Why is this small change in our language so important?

Try it for a day. Catch yourself in the times you say "if I do this..." and change it to "when" and see how you feel. It is a product the principle of responsibility. That is, of taking responsibility of your life. In effect, you are saying to yourself that you will follow through on your goal.

Our language is so important in shaping the way we nurture our confidence. Imagine if someone else shared their dreams with you and you replied by saying "yea, you hopefully could do that...maybe"! It wouldn't exactly instill confidence in them, right! So let's start with ourselves and develop a healthier, more upbuilding self-dialogue!

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