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New Film Tells The Story Behind Winnie The Pooh...

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

You may well know about the famous bear who loves honey, along with his friends who travel amazing adventures, but did you know that the boy in Pooh Bear's stories, Christopher Robin, was based on the author's son?

Did you also know that the reason that Winnie The Pooh was created was to give a country hope?

Check out this striking trailer about A.A. Milne's journey to creating the tales of Pooh...


Tom Holland Gets More Stick!

Last week we reported on Tom Holland, star of the new Spider-Man film, and how he responded to actress Kirsten Dunst's criticism of the new film. Well, he's back getting more flak from the public - although this time it's a bit more tongue in cheek...

First, Mr Holland happily re-posting an observation from one of his fans...

This is hilarious. I can confirm that the rumours are true 😂😂😂 #spidermanhomecoming

A post shared by ✌️ (@tomholland2013) on

Second, Avengers co-star Anthony Mackie also spills the beans on the new Spider-Man. Be sure to watch the full interview as Mr Mackie shares some great insights into building better relationships with others and overcoming conflict.

Want to deal with conflict and confrontations at work? Click here for a great lesson from former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Jeff Bridges On Meditation, His Mentors And 'The Dude'!

One of Jeff Bridges' most well-known roles is the character of 'The Dude' in the film The Big Lebowski. Check out this fascinating video below where Mr Bridges shares some insights about his own mentors, his own experiences of self-discipline and of course how 'The Dude' is considered a Zen Master!

And Finally, Jimmy Fallon's Meditation Live On Air!

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Show has guests from all different aspects of life and living. Check out the first ever late-night meditation - you can even try it while guest Andy Puddicombe (from the 'Headspace' app) guides you through it!

If you could be mentored by any legend in film or the Media, who would you choose?

We want to hear from as many aspiring media professionals as to who you want to learn from... so that you can! As part of the Learning From Legends Project, we will be organising events, networking opportunities and more for you.

Leave a comment below or better yet email me directly here to tell me who you want to be mentored by and what you would want to learn from them!

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