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Your Waiters Tonight... Ben Stiller, Cuba Gooding Jr.!

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

The Toronto International Film Festival has recently taken place, and as part of that, on 11th September, the Artists For Peace And Justice charity hosted a gala to raise funds for causes in great need. Although this time, instead of hosting the event by standing in front of the audience, the host team - including Ben Stiller, Cuba Gooding Jr., Morgan Spurlock and Paul Haggis, actually got up and served the attendees!

The charity is doing some great work. As its founder, director Paul Haggis said on the night,

"Launched during TIFF in 2009, our APJ Festival Gala in Toronto continues to be our hallmark event of the year, and has allowed us the honour of serving the Haitian community by bringing education, healthcare and hope to the children of Haiti... In nine years, in large thanks to our sponsors, APJ family and the incredible Toronto community, we've made an extraordinary impact, empowering young people and supporting the next generation of Haitian leaders. However, there is much more to be done – and we hope that celebrating and recognizing outstanding entrepreneurs who embody our own fierce commitment to social justice will inspire the activism and service required to ensure a brighter future for some of the neediest on the planet."

Click here to find out how Ben Stiller helped raise $2 million for Somalian famine...

What Was Your Childhood Poster?

Do you remember when you were a kid, getting your first poster, and unrolling it with pride and care, to stick it on your wall/door/ceiling? Those early seeds of what we look at day in, day out, can give birth to some of our greatest dreams and aspirations in life. Check out what Idris Elba and many other actors had in their bedrooms growing up...

Click here for an amazing video featuring Idris Elba - what will you be when you grow up? (Yes, you read that correctly!)

Could Electricity Be This... Electrifying? (Sorry, Had To!!)

OK, it's not often we get an exciting, thriller film about... electricity! But now we are. While many people might know the name Thomas Edison, and his association with inventing the lightbulb, they may not know the story behind what it took to get the lightbulb nationwide across America, let alone the fighting and struggle to get it there. So while this film will definitely be taking some theatrical license, check out the trailer for the upcoming 'Current War', starring Benedict Cumberbatch...

Here's a great insight into how Thomas Edison actually created the lightbulb with a powerful team behind him!

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We want to hear from as many aspiring media professionals as to who you want to learn from... so that you can! As part of the Learning From Legends Project, we will be organising events, networking opportunities and more for you.

Leave a comment below or better yet email me directly here to tell me who you want to be mentored by and what you would want to learn from them!

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