Helena Morrissey Being - A £50BN Fund CEO & Mother of Nine

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By Rose-Marie Rubio, Legends Report Contributor

Helena Morrissey is the CEO of Newton Investment Management as well as the Founder of the 30% Club which promotes/campaigns for women’s advancement and their access to board positions.

Asked on what advice she would give, she shared the following:

Be True to Yourself And Prepare Well

She has successfully coupled the two most important things in her life: her family (she is the mother of 9 children) and career. Her determination to not compromise on her values and priorities has enabled her to experience the success she's enjoying. Such authenticity has inspired women to follow suit.

“I have to plan a lot in advance. We write up everything happening each day on a white board. It takes three days to get it right, but you can only do your best. I go home for supper every evening and then catch up with the New York markets. Sometimes the children hide my BlackBerry”.

Live In The Moment

She graciously fulfils tasks and solves problems that need to be dealt with in different spheres of her life, for instance she's known to get on with domestic tasks after her day at work, spend quality time with and be extremely close to her family. That ability to be present is instrumental to success.

“With a large family, you can’t give as much attention to each child but they look after each other. I’m selective about what I go to. I choose the things that are most important to each child. One of my daughters has a fantastic voice so I would go to hear her sing, but I wouldn’t watch her do ballet. My husband, who doesn’t work, goes to the assemblies and matches. Occasionally I feel I’m missing out, but you have to know what you’ve chosen.”

Be Open to Possibilities

Having been supported in going beyond barriers and anything that might be scripted as part of her gender or others' expectations, she encourages anyone to be open to possibilities even if that may seem impossible at first.

“In the FTSE 100 companies there are 1,000 or so board positions. To get to 30 per cent, we need another 200 women. We don’t want people promoted before they are ready, but I can’t believe there aren’t that number of board-ready women out there.”

These traits make up some of the key ingredients to success and leadership.

Which one do you choose to put into action and practice to enable you to move forward/progress? Share in the comments below...

Thanks for the Telegraph for their interview with Helena Morrisey. 

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