Geneen Roth - The Lady Who Lost Everything To Bernie Madoff And Became Happier!

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

How would you feel if you took a phone call with the news that everything you have ever saved and owned was lost! It's a daunting thing to even think about, let alone experience. Yet this is what happened to Geneen Roth when she heard she had lost everything in Bernie Madoff's infamous financial Ponzi scheme.

In this video, she explains how she had two options upon hearing this news... To think about everything she had lost, or to focus on what she still had. Namely, her friends and family and the simple basics she did have, such as enough water to drink. That's not to say she didn't experience pain, anger and regret. As she further discusses, there were many such moments. However, the key lesson to learn is that she kept on bringing herself back to how she wanted to feel, whenever her mind  started to focus on the negative.

As I'm sure many of us have experienced, "bad news" is rarely "easy" to deal with, and focusing on the positive when things go wrong can seem immensely difficult. That's why it takes practice! Like any skill, it has to be practised constantly so it get's easier over time...

Enjoy the video!

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