Future Legends Latest - How a School Made Millions From Snapchat Investment

How a School Made Millions From Snapchat Investment 

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

With the recent IPO of Snap Inc., one of the unlikely beneficiaries was Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California. Barry Eggers, a parent at the school was an early VC investor in the business through his company because of the following experience...

"Almost exactly five years ago today, I came home from work and walked into my kitchen. My daughter Natalie and a few of her high school sophomore friends were sitting at the table. They were all absorbed in their phones and were laughing. I felt compelled to ask … “What are you all doing?”

My daughter looked up at me and said: “Dad, have you seen this app? It’s called Snapchat. It’s one of the most popular apps at school, along with Angry Birds and Instagram.” I had heard of Angry Birds and Instagram … but not Snapchat. I needed to tell someone about this — my Partner, Jeremy Liew.

That moment marked the beginning of a journey that led Lightspeed to Stanford University, and two entrepreneurs who had a fresh vision for the future. Ten days after meeting Evan and Bobby, we made our seed investment in Snap."

Mr Eggers also convinced the school to invest $15,000 in the Snapchat app and this investment is now worth tens of millions! It reveals how taking an interest in what others are interested in can lead to incredible opportunities that we may otherwise miss. Read more about the story in this Business Insider article.

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The Girl Who Wanted To Change The World

On the Voices of Youth site, an insightful story was written by Natalia Khawand on why young adults stop believing they can change the world. Here's the start of the story...

"“I want to change the world”

She was five, staring up at her dad, her heart filled with hope and wonder. He smiled at her and said “Yes, monkey and I know you will!” He took her in his arms and threw her into the air. She giggled till she couldn’t breathe.

She remembered that day like it was yesterday. It’s a memory she’s always treasured. A memory that brings a feeling of excitement and eagerness to what the future will bring. Yet, being a kid is much easier than growing up. It’s a time of blissful ignorance, a time where everything seems beautiful and everyone seems nice. But it isn’t that simple…

“I want to change the world”

Her parents stare at her like you would stare at a kid, with a mix of pity and frustration, a sad smile on their faces. But she is no kid. She graduated. She’s eighteen. She’s an adult. “Monkey, it’s time to let go of your silly childhood dreams” says her dad with a warning look. “Yes,” her mum agrees, “now you have to focus on your future dear!”

See, it’s not the first time she hears these words. It’s always cute to see a child with a dream to change the world, right? But as she grew up, it became different. It wasn’t cute anymore, it was just pathetic. And now, facing her parents, all she can think of is: “Why can’t I change the world?”"

At the heart of her story is the reality that our big dreams may be subtly snuffled out by others if we do not foster the conviction and belief inside of ourselves. You can read the rest of Natalia Khawand's story on her blog.

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The Social Entrepreneur Helping Students Study At Night

Here's the inspiring story of One Young World Ambassador Thato Kgatlhanye who has found an innovative way to ensure that children in poorer parts of Africa carry on studying after dark.

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