Steve Harvey's 4 Minute Miss Universe Nightmare

Don't Run Away From Your Mistakes

Humour and a dose of wisdom too... ?

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

I'm sure we've all had at least one of those embarrassing moments in life where we wished the earth would swallow us up whole and save us from the torture of that feeling... So can you imagine what it would be like experiencing this during a worldwide televised broadcast with all of the world's media watching you!?

You might remember Steve Harvey's very public blunder of incorrectly announcing the winner of 2016's Miss Universe competition. What's brilliant about his interview though, is not only how he laughs about it, but also hearing how he chose to deal with it, despite someone giving him an excuse to wait and leave it 'til the next day...

Being able to shake off, appreciate and even laugh at our mistakes is such a healthy and necessary mindset for anyone to develop. It is funny now, but let's be real, we are all human and there's no one alive who can say they haven't made a similar mistake to that of Mr Harvey, we're just fortunate we haven't done so in front of millions of people! 🙂

How To Learn From Our Mistakes

We all make mistakes and sometimes we are going to make really big ones in life too, perhaps even very publicly. That's just part of life and part of our learning. Once something's gone 'wrong' none of us have the superpowers to go back in time and change what's happened, but what we can do is decide how we respond. To react is a very knee-jerk action and often the impulse we all have when a situation feels really uncomfortable, or even painful to deal with, is to run away. It's easier to push something away, ignore it, minimise it or even try to displace our discomfort by finding someone else to blame. To respond though, is to choose to ignore that and to act according to what's right.

What's great about this story is that next time we might be thinking about hiding a mistake we made at work, with friends or with our kids, we can all remember Mr Harvey.  If he could summon the courage to walk out on stage and make amends for his mistake, then we all can. In the long run, these are the attitudes and behaviours developed by true legends, that then build respect and trust with people; they make us into a better partner, a better friend, a better colleague, better boss and a better parent too.

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Click here to learn how getting things "wrong", making mistakes and even failure are key ingredients to animation company Pixar's incredible success... 


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