FUNNY - What Happens Online, Stays Online (Because It Doesn't Work In Real Life!)

Comedy that makes you think...

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Comedienne Jena Kingsley attempts to replicate in real life what we do online with social media, to see if our online world is a true reflection of real life - and the results are pretty funny!! What the clip below shows us is just how silly and ridiculous a lot of the stuff we do on social media really is, when at the end of the day all we are looking for is to connect with other people more. The way we build relationships in real life is to talk with people and share experiences, ideas, thoughts, laughter, sadness and the challenges that we face together side-by-side. Online has it's place and it's use, but legends know that to build strong, lasting, trustworthy relationships that can stand the test of time, nothing beats the human touch...

Would you like to have the chance to learn more about yourself and build strong friendships, with great people, for powerful human results?!!

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