Jon Stewart's Happiness For His Mentee Stephen Colbert's Success!

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By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Stephen Colbert is one of the biggest media names in America. He has won nine Emmy Awards awards and his TV political satire show The Stephen Colbert Report has been widely acclaimed for highlighting some of the political injustices that occur in the country.  He also took over media legend David Letterman's show last year, when he retired. A key part of Stephen Colbert's success is his mentor, fellow TV host Jon Stewart.

In this sketch, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart appear together with Stephen Colbert seeing his prank on Jon Stewart backfire. It follows the real life situation of Mr Colbert winning an Emmy Award ahead of Mr Stewart, who had won it for the previous ten years!!

Legends want their mentees to surpass their own achievements - they want them to grow and develop and make more of a difference. Ultimately great leaders develop other leaders. As we find out on this sketch, Jon Stewart not only guided Stephen Colbert to his Emmy, he played a key part as a producer on the show that beat his own show!

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