From $15 Million In the Bank to Broke  - How James Altucher Came Back From Suicide

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

It’s rare to see someone as open and honest about their expereinces as entrepreneur and writer James Altucher. In his inspiring Ted talk below, James talks about what he learnt when he hit rock bottom and the realisations he made subsequently. As you can probably tell (and James is the first to admit), he’s a lot more “screwed up” than a lot of people 🙂

As he says in the humbling video, at one point after he lost his business and saw his bank account fall from $15 million to just $46! He felt so low that he thought committing suicide and leaving his daughters with his life insurance policy was a better option than being alive.

So What Can We Learn From James?

He Recognised He Needed Help To Give Him a New Perspective

As James says, he would hit the bottom and get himself out of it, only to fall and hit an even deeper bottom the next time! It took a lot of courage for him to realise that he needed the support of a therapist to get to the root of his challenges that he continually found himself in and take action to change. It was hard to accept that he couldn’t make the changes he really wanted to on his own, so he had to reach out for help.

How many of us can relate to this? It’s like the person on a diet who continually yo-yo’s. They lose weight by taking action but then they put it back on because they haven’t understood why this behaviour is there in the first place.

James’ therapist enabled sustainable change to take place because he helped James understand his challenges in a new light. He wasn’t able to do this on his own because he was too close to the problem! He couldn’t see “the wood from the trees” as they say. As a result of his change in attitude towards his challenges, James was then able to do things very differently.

Keeping a Habit Is Tougher Than Starting One & Needs Even More Support!

Some of the ideas in the video like getting 1% better every day and practicing gratitude would revolutionise anyone's life if lived and applied every day. But as a lot of people can relate to, it’s far easier said than done to break old habits and start new ones!

James recognised this and knew that while making a change is tough, in order to embed these ideas as habits he needed to have someone else to support him through it. After all, how tempting would it be when he was finding it challenging to go back to the old ways of behaving that he was trying to eradicate?!

Legends like James very rarely have it easy. However, many have come to learn that they can never achieve their full potential on their own. Interdependence - working with others is a foundational principle of success. When you look closely at anyone who is successful, you will always see they have not done it alone. I certainly recommend from first hand experience some of James' books where he explains his experiences in greater detail and the humility that comes from someone who admits that 17 of his 20 businesses eventually failed.

    James speaks about a number of changes he made and recommends them to others. We will be exploring them in future articles but which ones would you like to learn more about? (Choose your top 2)

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