Legends Report Health Special: Facing the Flu Season

By Sukh Singh, Mentorship Coach & Lighthouse International Associate

We are facing one of the worst flu seasons in nearly a decade, here is the Legends Report take on how you and your loved ones can stay healthy and safe. 

According to reports, Britain is seeing the worst flu season its faced in 7 years. In the USA as well, they are facing a horrible season and sadly children and the elderly are most vulnerable to the flu. Many children have already lost their lives - and dozens of adults too, many of whom were fit and healthy.

It is dangerous and easy to think this can only happen to someone else... recently 18-year-old Bethany Walker suffered pneumonia and lost her life after contracting a strain of the flu. This is why we are sharing this special report with you to provide you with some insights to do what you can to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe.

Here are four incredibly powerful and impactful natural remedies that you can get online or in your nearest health store to help you during this season and in fact throughout the year...

1. Immune System Booster and Prevention: Allicin

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