Who Makes Our Clothes? Here's an Insight...

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By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

“You [clothing retailers] make collections cheap so that people feel rich because they can buy so much... You’re giving the consumer what they want. Well, my children want sugar every single day, but I don’t give it to them.”

- Livia Firth, fashion designer, ambassador for Oxfam, and influential partner for Marks & Spencer

We all want things easier in our lives. Cheaper clothes that are good quality. Organic food at low cost. More income for less work and fewer hours. We all have our vices, but as Mrs Firth puts it so well, if we always give into our short term demands, we end up losing out. The video below is a humbling insight from Mrs Firth into who is actually making our clothes and the conditions they are working in. It is from the film 'The True Cost', which delves far deeper into the reality of our global fashion industry. I was shocked when I saw the clip and realised that, by me giving into my hunger for a quick-fix, easy-solution I can actually become part of the problem. Learning to create a disciplined, patient and balanced life is how people become legends. It isn't easy, but that's the point! It takes work, discipline, restraint and responsibility to really get what we want in life.

I know it can feel like, as an individual, we can't do anything about this other than feel shocked. But even a little bit can do something. After all, a lot of a little, is still a lot! If you feel strongly about this issue and want to do something meaningful about it, then please do email us here to learn how you can start...

If you valued this eye-opening video, here is a great example of how Pharrell Williams is taking steps to make a change in the fashion industry by providing recycled clothing.

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