Everyday Legends - The Millionaire Family Rescuing Refugees at Sea

Iraqi children
By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

There is an incredible amount of coverage of the current refugee crisis and what’s very noticeable is the number of people who want to help but feel limited in their ability to do so. We came across this feature on the Catrambone family who literally stumbled across the desperate situation of refugees drowning at sea on Europe’s doorstep and decided to do something about it...

Chris Catrambone and his family have invested millions of their own wealth to provide a service that is saving thousands of lives. They have also secured financial backing and resources through existing relationships, partnerships and crowdfunding. The example of the Catrambone family shows us that the more resourceful we are, the more we are able to give back and make a difference in situations where we believe something ought to be done.

To read more about their story, check out this Bloomberg article.

If you had $10 million right now, what change would you make in the world? 

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Image of Iraqi children courtesy of UK Department for International Development  @ Flickr