Everyday Legend - Would You Touch Someone With HIV?

hiv positive

by Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

We live in one of the most advanced, progressive ages of human development. So here’s a question:

Would you touch someone with HIV?

Janne Antin, who is HIV positive and after struggling to accept his condition for 8 years decided to ask that very question in his home country, Finland. In the video below you’ll see how he took a big risk to put himself out there and be vulnerable to other people’s judgments and beliefs, but also to their care and compassion...

Some people would have seen Janne and been afraid of touching him - because of their own fears and prejudices. We’ve all been there - denying ourselves and other people an opportunity to build a relationship because of a snap judgement.

Then there are those who approached Janne, resulting in an incredible human connection between them - a hug! There is a lesson here for all of us - human connection is so powerful and important and sometimes we let our own fears get in the way. But if we want to have wonderful relationships in life then we need to take a risk somewhere along the line. Just like Janne has done.

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Images courtesy of Yle Kioski and the BBC