Everyday Legend - Recovering From Losing All His Limbs

Taylor Morris - Legends Report

by James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

“I have always been very level headed and cool, calm, and collected in high stress situations. I believe this attribute has helped me immensely throughout my injury and recovery process.

From day one of my injury, I have been able to accept the position I was currently in, and then think about how I could improve it. I knew my recovery would have to be executed with small goals along the way.

I used my hard work ethic that was instilled in me as a child, to push forward and achieve these small goals one-by-one. I have never been one to accept defeat. This is just another example of understanding the road was going to be tough, exhausting, and troublesome but also knowing that I was responsible for my own destiny.”

- Taylor Morris

It is easy to take life for granted and to feel despondent when we encounter challenges in our day-to-day lives at home or at work. The video below shows Taylor Morris' inspiring and humbling journey to recovery, after losing all four limbs serving in Afghanistan in 2012.

Taylor Morris image courtesy of  Official U.S. Navy Page @ Flickr