Exclusive Interview:

How a Swedish Glamour Photographer Left His Job To Become a Philanthropist

By Ivy Kuo, Legends Report Contributor

This is a series about a photographer’s journey to becoming a philanthropist and co-founder of ABC Charity. It is part of a series of interviews with legends and was written by one of our members Ivy Kuo. If you'd like to write or contribute to the Legends Report yourself please email adam.wallis@lig.global.


How many people do you know who dread their 9-5 dead-end job, or feel stuck in an affluent career that’s personally unfulfilling? Have you ever wanted to make a leap of faith to pursue your dream, but were too afraid of the risks? Here’s a story of a photographer from Sweden who was at the top of his industry, but decided to pursue a meaningful path by co-founding a charity…

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