Enjoy What You Do! - Lessons From an Astronaut

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

When you are loving what you do, you could keep doing it all day. Even stopping for food, sleep or a little bit of daylight can feel mundane and like it's just getting in the way... When you love what you're doing, you just want more and more of that activity, that feeling.

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson describes in the interview below for NASA how she decided to become an astronaut. She speaks about how her love of asking questions as a child (about everything!) lead to her following a research career in chemistry and towards her ultimate dream.

During the interview, Mrs Caldwell Dyson explains a time in her life, when her love of chemistry was held back by her challenges with mathematics. What is key to note from her experience is how she is able to apply her passion for chemistry to her challenges with maths, in order to overcome them.

“If it’s an obstacle to get to what I want, it’s still going to be there whether I want it to be or not and it’s amazing how much you can grow when you decide ‘I’m just going to conquer that thing and not let that thing conquer you.”

She goes on to advise that the most important thing you can do is to;

“Know yourself. Because when you enjoy what you’re doing, then that is what brings out the best in you.”

Mrs Caldwell Dyson also shares candidly and honestly that the greatest barrier she's had to overcome in her career is her confidence and how the biggest struggles have sometimes been when her confidence in herself was low.

Watch the interview here:

What do you enjoy doing, that brings out the best in you?

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