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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

The 'soft skills' have traditionally been things that are spoken about as a secondary set of skills people should develop in their own time while studying at university or while not doing your job at work!

However times are changing!

Three of the most interesting and dynamic companies that are putting the emotional intelligence of an individual first are Amazon, Xerox and Tesla. This article by Inc.com gives more details about how these CEOs (Jeff Bezos at Amazon, Ursula Burns at Xerox and Elon Musk at Tesla) are getting directly involved with their employees, and leading by the example of emphasising and understanding the problems people are facing first hand. It highlights 3 key areas of focus;

Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management as this quote from the article shows:

"Ursula Burns succeeded former CEO Anne Mulcahy in the first woman to woman CEO leadership transfer in Fortune 500 history. She also helped guide Xerox through near bankruptcy.

Her legacy would eventually be to engineer and drive the reinvention of the corporation from a manufacturing business to something new and unique. With that said, emotional intelligence did not come easy to Ursula. Mulcahy wrote:

"Earlier in her career she didn't have a good poker face--all her emotions were visible. That's a big thing for a CEO, because everybody is looking at you. You can destroy someone by showing your emotions, particularly negative ones. It just shuts people down. ... As chief executive, you have to consciously set the right tone, and Ursula worked to develop that.""

All 3 start with each individual employee taking responsibility for themselves and developing their ability to build relationships with other people. Only then can their true and full potential be released! With their CEOs putting these 'social abilities' at the top of the skill set, they are showing us that true creativity and dynamic problem solving comes from each individual's ability to know themselves, and build a trusting relationship with everyone they work with, inside and outside of the company.

Here is the link to Inc.com article; '3CEO's Who Are Using Emotional Intelligence To Expand Thier Business'

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Here's more on how emotional intelligence is vital in high stress situations.


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