INSPIRING VIDEO - How Ellen DeGeneres Used Writing To Deal With Her Guilt 

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By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Have you ever felt immense sadness or an incredibly painful emotion that you wished would go away? In this very sad and poignant video, comedian and TV presenter Ellen Degeneres had what many of us would describe as our worst nightmare -  literally come true. After having a fight with her partner, she drove past a car accident later that night, only to find shortly afterwards that her partner had died in that very car accident. As I'm sure you can imagine, she was overcome by guilt.

Ellen Degeneres further explains in this video ... how the only thing she could think of doing to deal with this pain - was to have a telephone conversation with God....Given she couldn't do that, the next best thing was to write to him.

Often you will find that many legends use writing...  in the form of a journal, as a way of  helping them deal with the emotional impact of difficult life situations. By writing out their emotions and thoughts, they can create 'mental space' -  so as to look at things objectively, and ensure that they don't create emotional and mental blockages within themselves. This helps them develop more clarity around their challenges, thus allowing them to make more effective decisions.

Are there any stresses and worries that you have that are preventing you from moving forward in your life? Would you like help with them as well as support with learning how to develop a journal as part of a daily routine with the help of an experienced mentor? Click here to speak with us on Live Chat...

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