Eckhart Tolle - To De-Stress Take One Conscious Breath!

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our minds, which means we get caught up in our thoughts. We may think of one thing, and then moments later the complete opposite! Both seeming to be the right answer. We can often be caught in the middle, with no real idea of how to move forward and which decision to make - no idea which way to jump. In the video below, Eckhart Tolle describes how we can overcome this by taking a single conscious breath - and maybe a second!

After watching this video you may be asking yourself questions like;

What does this actually mean practically?!

How can I use this in my everyday life to achieve something useful?

This is what a conscious breath helps us with. At that moment when everything is a mess, by putting your attention into your breathing, means that you cannot be anywhere else within your mind, for it must be in this moment. You cannot breathe in two minutes time - you breathe now! You can’t take a breath 30 seconds ago, you can only breathe now. Your breath is not the kind of thing that you can ‘store up for later’ you have to be breathing all the time in the current moment of your life. So by connecting with your breathing, you will make sure that you are also connected to this moment of your life. Once in this moment again we are able to think with more clarity, and then, we have the potential to make the right decision about any problem.

    When do you feel the most amount of stress in the day? Would breathing more consciously help? Share any experiences you have privately below!

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