Eckhart Tolle Shows Us a Meditation To Help Us Work Better!

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

During our working day, we can all get very caught up in what we are doing, to the point of frustration and then distraction. Many of us are now at our computers or screens for 8+ hours a day. Our attention can get so drawn into the screen, that we get anxious, tired and become stressed out.

Eckhart Tolle describes in this video how we can bring our attention back out of the screen and into the present moment - to help us relax more.

Why is this a useful practice to adopt?

When we are more in touch with our own bodies and who we are, there is less attention buzzing around in our minds and we are able to feel more relaxed and less stressed. We are able to think more clearly with more creativity and be able to make better decisions and choices.

    When you get stressed how do you cope? Have you tried anything like Mr Tolle has suggested before? Would you like any guidance to be able to deal with stress better?

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