Eckhart Tolle - How To Stop Yourself Lashing Out At Someone!

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

When you are called names by someone, do you feel an urge to retaliate and fight back at them? To call them names and defend yourself'?

In the video below, Eckhart Tolle refers to the part of us that feels that way as the 'ego'. As he speaks with Oprah Winfrey, he explains that when we feel like that, it is the ego, (our self-image) - and not us, that feels hurt and diminished.

When this happens, it's a great opportunity for us to try and drop the frustration. To let it go and realise that who we really are is someone far more than the image we hold for ourselves, someone who is not offended by the name calling. Watch the video to understand more...

What legends are able to do is take advantage of these moments, by keeping their awareness high and watching the 'ego' as much as they can. Watching the little voice in the head that is complaining, feels hurt and is diminished when it is called names.

Becoming aware of and controlling our emotions when someone or something triggers our reactions, is hard work and requires a lot of effort. However it is ultimately hugely worthwhile because of the freedom it gives us to make decisions. Without this freedom, we will always react in the same aggressive way to a rude name or comment, by either feeling hurt or angry...not unlike a programmed computer on automatic.

    Do you find it difficult to control your reactions when someone says something that upsets you? 

    Would you like any practical guidance to become better at dealing with those challenging situations? Share privately below.....

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