Eckhart Tolle - How To Break Your Addiction To Negative Thinking

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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Something that everyone - even spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle - have and do face in life, is the feeling of 'bad things will happen to me'. How did Mr Tolle overcome this feeling and create a better future for himself? Read and watch on...!

There is a phase that says 'Be careful what you wish for!'

Have you ever wondered why such a phase exists? In this video from author Eckhart Tolle, he explains how he came to realise that the life of pain, worry and anxiety that he was living was actually created by his own thoughts of pain, worry and anxiety! Like the phrase above he was actually creating what he was... in effect, wishing for.

If this is true in the negative context, then doesn't it make sense that it will also work in the positive context? As Mr Tolle explains, if we think and practice being careful to imagine the positive outcomes we want, then that is what we will create in our lives.

Watch this short 3 minute clip here and the full version below...

Parental advisory as instances of strong language...

How To Apply This

If you want to learn more about how we can create the future we want through being responsible with our thoughts, have a look at the following sections in The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle's most famous work; (link here on Amazon)

1- Finding The Life Underneath Your Life Situation - Page 51

2- All Problems Are Illusions Of The Mind - Page 53

Leave your comments below on what you've taken from it and any questions you have, I'd like to hear from you and discus them at our next Living The Power of Now Meetup!

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