Eckhart Tolle - How Breathing Can Optimise Your Life

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Breathing is something that we all do and generally take for granted, but imagine if we could use this normal bodily function to help us in everything we do throughout the day?!

How could it be used to improve our concentration, our confidence in social situations, give us 'space' when we are under pressure, and help us to improve the quality of our relationships? All this from something we are already doing??!!

In '8 Quotes on The Simple Practice to Relieve Stress' we explored how powerful breathing well can be but how do you actually do that? What is that secret??!!

To help us become more conscious and benefit in all the ways mentioned so far, here is a video from spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. He shows us how to use our breathing to become more aware - this awareness greatly improves the quality of our days and our lives!

Give It A Go!!

Why not try it out now?! Take a couple of deep, slow conscious breaths as Eckhart Tolle has described, and post how you feel before and after in the comments below. Has it helped you?

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