Dumb & Dumber! What Happens When We Hit and Hope?

A Dose of Humour To Get Your Day Going..

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

So, we've probably all been there... we see the most stunningly attractive guy or girl across the room and eventually we pluck up the courage to speak to them. Without knowing much about them, or our chances of success - within seconds we pour out our heart... and put ourselves on the line. It's a hit-and-hope approach which sometimes works and other times..... well, you'll see below! 😉

Whether we're seeking a partner, pitching for business, going for a job or preparing for a physical challenge, legends are those who prepare themselves in a way that best positions them to succeed.

Check out this article about the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus as someone who planned meticulously for consistent success.


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