Denzel Washington - The Impact a Kind Librarian Had On His Life

Don't Doubt The Affect You Can Have On Someone

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By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

You can never know exactly how far a kind word or gesture might travel and subsequently the accumulative positive affect that could have on someone's life. In this video is the moving lesson behind actor Denzel Washington's anecdote in which he describes meeting the lady, now age 99, who gave him his first library card as a 7-year-old boy and helped him get into reading... Every time we meet someone we have a choice as to how we want to treat them and the impact we might make on their lives, so choose wisely. You never know what it might lead to! 🙂

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Click here to read the inspiring story of how 3 words of kindness saved a suicidal man...

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Having been quite a shy kid growing up, there's nothing more moving to me now than seeing someone start to realise their real potential and believe in themselves a bit more... It's one of the best feelings ever! For me, Legends help us all to see more of what's possible and start to aim that little bit higher in life. It's so important to have fun and enjoy ourselves along the way too... Have fun, never stop learning and share as much as you can with others

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