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Demi Lovato - Using Her Challenges to Inspire Others

demi lovato

by Asif Valiji, Associate Mentor, Lighthouse International

Demi Lovato is one of the most popular U.S. pop stars in the world and has been propelled into stardom at a young age - appearing on television at the age of 10. She has also struggled with many issues such as depression, self-harm and bulimia. In spite of these challenges she has become an award-winning, multimillionaire singer and songwriter and is now an incredibly positive role model for many across the world.

During her ‘Stay Strong’ documentary she said..

“I don’t think I’m fixed. People think that you’re like a car in a body shop. You go in, they fix you, and you’re out. It takes constant fixing."

Her work was unknown to me until my 9-year-old daughter took a fond liking to her songs. If you want to value someone - go and learn about what they value, learn about what they love. So I did and found a number of lessons from Demi Lovato and her growing legacy.

1. Inspire Others by Facing Your Challenges

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to admit themselves into rehabilitation for therapy. The difference with Lovato is that she publicly announced it. When she came out of therapy she spoke very candidly about her past and her experiences. She saw it as her responsibility to inspire others to have the courage to face their difficulties. Her courage to face her own personal challenges was one of the big reasons why she was picked up by her recent producers.

2. Use Your Difficulties to Make a Difference

Lovato was bullied at school by other girls. Many of her personal problems around her self-image came from those experiences. She has used her pain and experience to inspire others in an inspiring anti-bullying campaign. Hear about her courageous journey in this video:

She is now imploring girls to work together and support each other to build genuine friendships. Her example is showing us all how we can use our most painful experiences positively through having a passion to make a difference to those most in need. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue she said...

"The goal is to stop the drama and the gossiping before it gets to the level of bullying. It's important for girls to speak up and help one another.”

For me this has been an insightful experience because it's helped me understand my daughter and her world from a different perspective. As Lovato suggests it takes constant work but these lessons have proven invaluable to me in building my relationship with my daughter.

Who are the legends of the people you really care about in your life? What is it about these legends that you feel inspires them? Share in the comments below...

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Demi Lovato image courtesy of Focka @ Flickr